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Expect delays to Whitehorse, YT  Highway 97 through Toad River, BC has been washed out due to heavy rain  A temporary surcharge will apply as we detour using Highway 37 which is a longer, less direct route.

International Shipping FAQ

I'm shipping to Canada.  Where can I email copies of my customs documentation for processing?

When shipping to Canada, the customs documentation should be sent to our automated email address: 

parsdocs@tst-cfexpress.com  It’s the most efficient way, providing you follow these conditions; 


-          Must be in PDF or TIF file format

-          One shipment per email

-          Must have the shipment’s PRO # in the subject line in the specific format below; 

            In the examples below, ‘X’ represents either Saia’s 11 digit or TST-CF’s 10 digit PRO number.

            If you have the Saia PRO, your subject line should be: “SAIA” XXXXXXXXXXX

            If you have the TST-CF PRO, your subject line should be: XXXXXXXXXX


If you’re unable to meet these conditions, you can send the documentation to our Central PARS Centre at:

centralpars@tst-cfexpress.com where they’ll be processed manually.



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